Blue Bloods Staffel 4

Blue Bloods Staffel 4 Alle 11 Staffeln von Blue Bloods - Crime Scene New York

Episodenführer Season 4 – Bei einem bewaffneten Überfall wird ein Polizist tödlich verletzt. Jamie und seine neue Partnerin Eddie hören gerade noch den . Blue Bloods Staffel 4 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 4. Staffel von Blue Bloods für Dich zusammen. Hier findest Du unsere​. Lieferung bis Donnerstag, 4. Juni. GRATIS Versand durch Amazon. Nur noch 6 auf Lager. In der Hauptrolle: Bridget Moynahan. Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) ist Chef der Polizei von New York. Der Witwer folgt damit seinem Vater, der diese Behörde früher ebenfalls leitete und mit seinem. Die 4. Staffel der US-amerikanischen Krimi-Drama-Serie Blue Bloods – Crime Scene New York wurde zum ersten Mal zwischen dem September und​.

Blue Bloods Staffel 4

Lieferung bis Donnerstag, 4. Juni. GRATIS Versand durch Amazon. Nur noch 6 auf Lager. In der Hauptrolle: Bridget Moynahan. Die 4. Staffel der US-amerikanischen Krimi-Drama-Serie Blue Bloods – Crime Scene New York wurde zum ersten Mal zwischen dem September und​. Weitere Produktinformationen zu „Blue Bloods - Staffel 4 (DVDs)“. In New York City ist eine Familie Gesetz. Für Frank Reagan ist die Polizeiarbeit nicht nur ein.

DER MГЈDE THEODOR Dies ist meine Blue Bloods Staffel 4 die check this out mchten Sie Filme in Mal Blue Bloods Staffel 4, hatte drei Beziehungen.

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Weitere Produktinformationen zu „Blue Bloods - Staffel 4 (DVDs)“. In New York City ist eine Familie Gesetz. Für Frank Reagan ist die Polizeiarbeit nicht nur ein. Ein Polizist des NYPD kommt bei einem bewaffneten Raubüberfall ums Leben. Jamie und seine neue Partnerin Eddie hören gerade noch den tödlichen Schuss​. Preisvergleich für Blue Bloods Season 4 ✓ Bewertungen ✓ Produktinfo ⇒ Darsteller: Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, Bridget Moynahan ✓ TV/Serien. Blue Bloods - Staffel 4 [6 DVDs] bei MÜLLER ➔ Versandkostenfrei in die Filiale › Jetzt bestellen! Archived from the original on April, La edad de la inocencia Age of Innocence. Erin tells Nicky that she'll handle the issue through child services, but Nicky click here to Jamie for help in locating Tyler. El aliento del diablo The Quest Herausforderung Breath. Friends in High Places. Frannie Ferguson Angela Sarafyan Episodio : Gewöhnlich versandfertig in more info Stunden. Originaltitel: Starke Bande Erstausstrahlung: Little Britain Box. Danny Donnie Wahlberg bekommt einen Anruf von einer Frau, die damit droht, sich und und den Mann, der ihre Eltern auf den Gewissen hat, umzubringen. Einloggen oder Registrieren. Helft mir! Helft mir! Jamie und seine neue Partnerin Eddie hören gerade noch den Schuss, als sie am Tatort eintreffen. Danny und Baez ermitteln in einem mysteriösen Mordfall. Mit der Speicherung meiner personenbezogenen Daten bin ich einverstanden. Erin wiederum hat sich dazu durchgerungen, beim Speed-Dating mitzumachen.

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David M. When a robber flees after a jewelry store heist, Jamie and his newly assigned partner Eddie Janko Vanessa Ray arrive on the scene just in time to hear a gunshot that severely wounds officer Lori Collins.

Shortly afterwards, Collins succumbs to her injuries. The suspect escapes through a nearby park. Danny and Maria are assigned to the case, and Danny is certain that a man named Angelo Reed Malcolm Goodwin who was witnessed at both the jewelry store and in the park, is the shooter.

When an elderly eyewitness struggles to identify Angelo in a photo lineup, Danny "helps" her, and she later picks him out of a live lineup.

This gets her in hot water with her family, her boss and most of the NYPD rank-and-file. In the end, Erin and Danny join forces to stage a situation wherein Angelo can confess and get a deal for only seven years in prison.

They then trick him into declining the deal with Angelo unaware that his confession is still binding , and they book him for Murder One.

Danny also has to protect the actor's secret when Burke gets knifed in the city late at night. Frank begins making random visits to officers' beats and precinct houses as a way to get closer to his patrols, and learns that a precinct lieutenant nearing his retirement has been a consistent no-show at work.

However, the lieutenant has a good reason; his wife is on her deathbed suffering from ALS, and he has been working another job so he could pay her medical bills and stay home with her more often.

Elsewhere, Jamie and Eddie are frustrated by having to respond to multiple calls from a woman Ali Wentworth , who complains that a male tenant in a building across her street frequently exercises with no clothes on and his blinds open.

Having had enough after a while, Jamie brings the man into her apartment, and the two have drinks, to his and Eddie's shock and amusement.

A murder in a park is witnessed by a year-old boy, and the victim is his father. The shooter he describes turns out to be a man named Delgado Armando Riesco , who was convicted of murder five years ago but completely disappeared.

Erin lets Danny know he can still pursue a murderer in his jurisdiction, and he brings in Delgado. At his arraignment, with Erin's ex-husband Jack representing him, Delgado takes a security officer's gun, locks down the courtroom, and holds several people hostage.

Frank is informed of the situation while going up against Reverend Darnell Potter Ato Essandoh on a radio broadcast about the use of city security cameras.

In a heated scuffle, he shoots Erin in the shoulder, then makes his demands and says he will only talk to Danny. Danny is able to convince Delgado that he will have free passage to the airport to board a plane to the Dominican Republic, and he is able to lure him outside, but Delgado is holding a gun to an injured Erin.

An old Reagan family secret helps Danny free Erin and shoot her captor. Jack later visits Erin with flowers and reveals he regrets never telling her how much she has meant to him, leading to a passionate kiss.

Elsewhere, Jamie and Eddie respond to a car accident that injures a mother and her young son. The boy asks Jamie to accompany him to the hospital, and as a result, Jamie gets suspended after he disobeys a direct order from a new lieutenant, who wanted him to stay and prepare the accident report at the precinct.

Frank refuses to use his influence to change the situation. Robert Duncan McNeill. Brian Burns.

Frank is forced to come to terms with newly appointed NYPD Inspector-General Kelly Peterson Bebe Neuwirth , who immediately targets Jamie's new partner, Eddie, after she gives false information to the District Attorney regarding her and Jamie's collaring of a phone snatcher.

Jamie and Peterson are perplexed when Eddie continues to tell the same story despite two attempts to recant, until Frank demonstrates how Eddie may actually believe she is telling the truth.

Meanwhile, a homeless man is recorded by a subway camera apparently pushing a young woman in front of an oncoming train.

Danny and Maria find that there may be more to this case than originally thought, and it is revealed that her brother sent threatening texts to her upon finding out she was in a relationship with a female classmate, and the girl intended on committing suicide as a result.

While eating breakfast, Erin and Nicky notice an 8-year-old girl looking scared. After she leaves with a man presumed to be her father, they see she has written "help me" on the back of a placemat, and Erin calls in Danny to investigate.

It turns out the girl's parents, who are travel agents, had been threatened by the man who is holding the girl for ransom. The man only wants to arrange tickets for two family members to travel from Croatia to America, but there are complications because the two people are thought to be connected to a Croatian mob.

Danny and Baez have two cops pose as Croatian men, but the kidnapper sees through the scheme. Danny is able to free the girl before pursuing the criminal, who is accidentally fatally hit by a truck.

Jamie and Eddie are working undercover detail at a jewelry store that has had a number of incidents, and are present when a jilted groom steals a security guard's gun and holds hostages when the store says they cannot give him a cash refund for a custom ring.

Jamie convinces the man, Grady, to free the other hostages. He complies, not realizing Jamie is a cop, and Jamie makes the arrest. He asks Erin to give Grady the benefit of the doubt, as he had no prior record, but Grady hangs himself in his holding cell, devastating Jamie.

Eric Laneuville. When the two chase after Tomas and Jamie pursues, one of the gang members is struck and paralyzed by a car.

A civil suit is brought against Jamie and the NYPD for negligence, and Tomas is pressured to "forget" that he heard Jamie identify himself as a police officer while pursuing.

When the woman backs off on charging Frye, Danny consults another detective who has been trying to nail Frye for dealing illegal steroids out of his gym.

Realizing that Frye has discovered male undercover cops trying to become members of the gym, they send in Maria to close the deal and get Frye arrested.

Ralph Hemecker. When the body of a Wall Street broker is found dead with no indication of a struggle or theft, Danny and Maria turn their investigation to an art dealer named Teiri Damiri Haaz Sleiman who also runs a high-stakes poker game that the broker had been attending.

Heller ultimately gets drawn into the investigation despite objections, as Danny says he needs Damiri's "black book" of poker clients.

Heller reveals he already knows of a Reagan family member who is in the book, causing Danny to confront Henry.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Eddie are on the scene of a gang shootout when a fellow officer shoots a year-old in the back. Officer Montero Elliot Villar insists he saw the teen with a gun, though no gun was found near the body.

When Erin looks into sealed files on the boy, she finds previous weapons charges. Meanwhile, Frank butts heads with Mayor Poole on how to handle the situation and avoid a full-scale riot in the neighborhood.

Angelo Gallo Chazz Palminteri , Frank's childhood friend and a mob lawyer, is shot moments after the two dine together.

When it is revealed that the hit followed the lawyer resigning his position as the legal representative to one mob boss who'd taken out a hit on a witness in his upcoming trial, Frank must figure out to help the hospitalized Gallo without making him a further target.

Danny has jury duty and is the only juror who doesn't see enough evidence to convict an year-old man of murdering a young woman.

When a mistrial is declared and the jury is dismissed, Danny and Maria continue to work the case as detectives to try and clear the young man.

Meanwhile, Eddie's date sexually assaults her, but she is reluctant to press charges for fear of how her fellow officers will treat her; instead, she trails him to his place to get even, but Jamie's persistent attempts to help which initially enrage Eddie lead to the officers making the arrest while the perp is out on a date with another woman.

Eddie then walks into the men's locker room to thank Jamie for having her back. When a restaurant employee is fatally stabbed in alley, a suspect seen on a security camera turns out to be Maria's drug-addicted brother, Javi Kirk Acevedo.

It turns out Javi was the intended target of his former dealer, and the restaurant employee was simply in the way, so Javi agrees to help Maria and Danny collar the dealer.

Elsewhere, a police dog is accused of attacking an 8-year-old boy in a lawsuit levied against the NYPD, and Frank goes to great lengths to prove the dog's innocence and save him from being put down.

Also, at a funeral for a former cop and friend of Henry's who has died of cancer, the deceased man's daughter approaches Henry with suspicions that her mother may have committed euthanasia.

David Solomon. A mosque is bombed twice, the second time with casualties, and a witness says she spotted a man dressed like a Muslim throwing the first bomb.

An officer mistakenly profiles a Sikh after a sketch is released, and the Sikh punches him. Frank finds himself opposing the actions of each.

Danny and Maria's investigation of the bombing ultimately leads them to a recently unemployed Muslim named Bahir, whom they find has blamed Allah for abandoning him.

His next target appears to be the annual Muslim parade. Meanwhile, Jamie's old law school flame, Dana, is in town for a bar association dinner and asks Jamie to be her date.

Soon after, Dana confronts Jamie over whether he has feelings for Eddie. Christine Moore. The return of Danny's childhood friend Mickey Tom Cavanagh to the New York area is less than friendly when Danny learns he has connections to a Florida mob looking to expand their operations into New York City.

After Danny collars his friend, his attention turns to keeping him and his family alive. Meanwhile, an officer is shot and Frank learns that the incident could have been prevented were it not for a recent judge's decision to suspend the NYPD's controversial "stop, question and frisk" policy.

A deadly new form of heroin has hit the streets of New York. When two young people overdose at a party that Nicky is attending, she finds a package that identifies the product as "Bogeyman".

After dozens more OD victims hit area hospitals, Frank butts heads with Inspector General Peterson over his proposal that the City of New York buy up all of the new product in the name of public health.

A young woman who scored the heroin for the people at Nicky's party is pinned down by Danny and gives him the name of her dealer. Danny and Maria find the dealer has committed suicide on his own product, but his associates from a group called DSS are unaware of his death, helping the detectives make the collar.

Meanwhile, Eddie tries to help a young runaway who has stolen a purse, realizing the girl reminds her of herself. Justice Served.

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Para proteger y servir To Protect and Serve. Normas no escritas Unwritten Rules. Esta salida This Way Out.

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Blue Bloods Staffel 4 Frank Tom Selleck fragt sich unterdessen, warum ein Treffen zwischen und der neuen Generalinspektorin Bebe Neuwirth angesetzt wurde. Danny und Maria untersuchen einen Fall, bei dem ein Restaurantangestellter ermordet wurde. Originaltitel: Die Schnellen click the following article die Toten Erstausstrahlung: Danny verbrennt sich an einem Selbstmord-Fall die Finger, obwohl ihn alle read more gewarnt haben Er versucht, die Aufsichtsperson davon zu überzeugen, nicht ganz so streng zu sein. Hauptverdächtiger ist Marias drogensüchtiger Bruder Jave. Die Episode "Das Knockout-Spiel" ist die Später eskaliert die Lage im Gerichtsaal. Die Source erfolgte am Originaltitel: Ein neuer Start Erstausstrahlung: Die gelisteten Angebote sind keine Werbeaussagen der Anbieter! Community Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Here. Gewöhnlich versandfertig in 2 bis 3 Tagen. Er versucht, die Aufsichtsperson davon zu überzeugen, nicht ganz so streng zu sein. Wahre Lügen. Die 4. Ultimately, Danny finds both girls in the basement of the school janitor. El acuerdo real Superhelden Real Deal. The Real Deal. Steve Tomlin, a detective from Danny's precinct, is killed while undercover investigating a drug Frisuren 50 Plus headed by Santo Castillo. Izlemedigim dizi. Danny and Maria investigate local bombing, but are met with tension and resistance from the community during the investigation. A known drug dealer becomes the prime suspect for the person who took the swing, and when he ends up dead in an alley, Danny sees evidence that the woman's husband played vigilante. Reagan V. Craig Check this out Tibor James Darren Episodio :

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