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Isabelle'Izzy' Lightwood ist die kleine Schwester von Alec, die große Schwester von Max, die. Isabelle "Izzy" Sophia Lightwood (*) ist eine Schattenjägerin aus New York existiert auch ein Artikel in unserem Partnerwiki zur Serie Shadowhunters. Isabelle Lightwood Fashion on Shadowhunters | Emeraude Toubia | Isabelle's black belted leggings on Shadowhunters. Tehe Chroniken Der Schattenjäger. Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) erliegt in Staffel 2 von "Shadowhunters" der Sucht nach Yin fen und versucht sich aus dieser zu befreien. Shadowhunters Runen Halskette, Angelic Power, Parabatai Rune, Runen, paar Geschenk, Malec, Jace Alec Parabatai, Liebe Rune, Isabelle Lightwood.

Shadowhunters Izzy

Shadowhunters Runen Halskette, Angelic Power, Parabatai Rune, Runen, paar Geschenk, Malec, Jace Alec Parabatai, Liebe Rune, Isabelle Lightwood. Isabelle'Izzy' Lightwood ist die kleine Schwester von Alec, die große Schwester von Max, die. Read Isabelle Lightwood from the story Shadowhunters by VampireDiares15 with 17 reads. shadowhunters, freeform, bücher. Name: Isabelle Lightwood Status. Read Isabelle Lightwood from the story Shadowhunters by VampireDiares15 with 17 reads. shadowhunters, freeform, bücher. Name: Isabelle Lightwood Status. Image about book in Shadowhunters by Wonder on We Heart It. Discovered by Pietra Farias. Find images and videos about book and jace herondale on We Heart. Discovered by Martinstilinski. Find images and videos about shadowhunters, emeraude toubia and izzy lightwood on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you.

Shadowhunters Izzy Video

Shadowhunters - Season 2, Episode 4: Izzy Gets Possessed - Freeform

Together, they found Alec and the real Jace, who then asked them to kill him to prevent him from doing any more of Lilith's bidding.

Isabelle and Alec refused and were moments away from saving Jace, having convinced him to leave his mind prison with them, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Lilith breaking the connection and taking Jace's body.

While Magnus looked for another way to save Jace, Isabelle and Alec worried about Clary but were constantly blocked by the Council from finding out what was happening to her.

He told her that he was missing and asked her to track him with his shirt. They tracked him to his old house, in time to find him feeding on his sister, Rebecca.

She begged Simon to stop and pulled her away from him, and watched as Simon's mother frantically turned Simon away in fear. She and Simon took Rebecca to the hospital, and Isabelle stayed with him for support.

Once he was done speaking to his sister and mother, Isabelle received word from the others and told Simon that Lilith had Clary.

They went to the building where Lilith moved and devised a plan: Alec set off alarms to lure out the mundanes who had no idea that the building was being used by Lilith, and to make Lilith's disciples respond to the invasion.

She and Luke faced off against Lilith's disciples, agreeing to try and not kill any of them as they were just possessed and could still be restored.

This bought Simon time to get directly to the top floor, to Lilith and Clary, without the disciples getting in the way.

They then witnessed the disciples being freed from Lilith's control after Simon managed to banish her back to Edom. Isabelle is compassionate, warm, charming, and is generally welcoming to new friends.

Despite her beauty and kick-ass combat skills, Isabelle is seen to be the moral compass that keeps her brothers Alec and Jace in check in tense situations, though she is also seen to have a bit of a defiant side.

Isabelle is not afraid to speak her mind and isn't afraid to break rules, a trait she shares with her adoptive brother Jace.

She is able to stand up to higher ranked individuals for what she believes in and fights and argues to get the point across whenever necessary.

She is a skilled seductress who can seduce any man, both Shadowhunter and Downworlder, into either complying with demands or maintaining confidential information.

She enchants pretty much anyone who meets her. She is incredibly comfortable with her body; in the past, she wore revealing outfits with no qualms—a way of standing up to her mother's strict rules.

During that time, she often acted as the bait or distraction to lure demons. Isabelle is also equally skilled and deadly in battle, particularly when using her weapon of choice: her whip.

Isabelle is feisty, talented, intelligent, and well-educated. Isabelle is very supportive, protective, and loving towards her brothers, urging them to do what makes them happy.

Isabelle often seeks to comfort those around her, although she also has a strict and disciplinarian side, particularly when it comes to training.

She worries about her family a lot, and had a hard time accepting that Max was ready for his first real mission after training him for it.

She is fiercely loyal to her family and loved ones, willing to let go of her own happiness if it will make things better for them.

Despite this, she will fight for what she believes is right even if the odds go against her, and would only cede and make the necessary sacrifice or adjustments when she sees the sense in it and how it would contribute to the greater good.

When her mother Maryse was still the head of the Institute, they had a strained and tense relationship. Maryse often treated her coldly and sternly and was disapproving of her choices and lifestyle.

Maryse eventually told her that this was because she reminded her of herself in her youth: stubborn and passionate, which she realized too late made her a danger, as she became passionate enough about her beliefs that she'd joined the Circle.

When Maryse was dismissed as the head of the Institute, they were given an opportunity to finally have a mother-daughter relationship.

Isabelle sympathized with her mother about Robert's affair and urged her to leave him. Isabelle was once somewhat of a daddy's girl, having a close, happy relationship with her father.

At one point, Isabelle found out that he had been cheating on Maryse. Isabelle kept it to herself, knowing it wasn't his secret to tell, but when Maryse found out, she immediately suggested that she should leave him.

Through Izzy's AA meetings, she found that one way to deal with her cravings for vampire blood was consuming sugar.

Her casting press release described her as an exotic-looking, model-beautiful Shadowhunter who, as an expert with her whip, is as lethal as she is attractive; is a trained fighter who can kick-ass in high-heels; and whose one weakness is her choice in men—always going for the bad boy.

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Caution is advised! Contents [ show ]. Add an image. Categories :. Stream the best stories. Start Your Free Trial. Try Now. And what's the rule when our team goes into battle?

Three go in. Three come out. You'll have four training sessions a day: demon strategy, weapons, combat, and endurance. Breakfast starts at five.

If you are late, all you'll have is a cold bran muffin. You didn't seem to have a problem when you took a run at my baby brother. I trusted you when I was at my weakest!

At my lowest! I brought you into my life into my family and you betrayed me! The Mortal Cup : Appears.

Dead Man's Party : Appears. Raising Hell : Appears. Moo Shu to Go : Appears. Of Men and Angels : Appears.

Major Arcana : Appears. Bad Blood : Appears. This World Inverted : Appears. Blood Calls To Blood : Appears. Morning Star : Appears.

This Guilty Blood : Appears. A Door Into the Dark : Appears. Parabatai Lost : In main story and flashback.

Day of Wrath : Appears. Dust and Shadows : Appears. Iron Sisters : Appears. How Are Thou Fallen : Appears.

Love is a Devil : Appears. Bound By Blood : Appears. By the Light of Dawn : Appears. Mea Maxima Culpa : Appears.

Those of Demon Blood : Appears. The Fair Folk : Appears. A Problem of Memory : Appears. Day of Atonement : Appears. A Dark Reflection : Appears.

Awake, Arise, or Hail and Farewell : Appears. Beside Still Water : Appears. On Infernal Ground : Appears. The Powers That Be : Appears. What Lies Beneath : Appears.

Thy Soul Instructed : Appears. Stronger Than Heaven : Appears. A Window Into an Salt in the Wound : Appears. A Heart of Darkness : Appears.

Familia Ante Omnia : Appears. Lost Souls : Appears. Original Sin : Appears. Beati Bellicosi : Appears. Izzy seems to have feelings for him too, or does she just love the feeling he can give her?

Watch this space Catch up on the new episodes of Shadowhunters right here on Freeform! Do you think Izzy and Raphael should be together?

Tell us in the comments! All Episodes. S1 E1 The Mortal Cup. S1 E3 Dead's Man's Party. S1 E4 Raising Hell. S1 E5 Moo Shu to Go.

S1 E6 Of Men and Angels. S1 E7 Major Arcana. S1 E8 Bad Blood. S1 E9 Rise Up. S1 E10 This World Inverted. S1 E11 Blood Calls to Blood.

S1 E12 Malec. S1 E13 Morning Star. S2 E1 This Guilty Blood. When Clary arrived at the Institute, Isabelle and Alec explained to her that the Inquisitor threw Jace in jail as he angered her.

Clary went with Isabelle and Alec to save Jace after the Silent City was attacked and they found that all of the Silent Brothers had been killed.

She was also present when Clary, Jace, and Raphael buried Simon, necessary for him to become a vampire. While Jace was being trapped by the Inquisitor, Isabelle and even Max protested that Jace wasn't Valentine's pet, while Alec seemingly turned on Jace and sided with the Inquisitor.

Isabelle, not knowing her brother's ruse to remain on the Inquisitor's good side, became furious at Alec. Both she and Max refused to talk to Alec until they found out that he had been lying and had, in fact, helped break Jace out of his cell.

Isabelle later barged into the library where Imogen was to communicate with Valentine through his Projection.

Isabelle was furious when she found out that she was putting Jace's life on the line in exchange for the Mortal Instruments already in Valentine's possession and called Imogen out on her choices, especially once Valentine finally revealed to her that Jace wasn't his spy.

After the meeting, the immediately available forces of the New York Conclave charged Valentine's ship , with Isabelle joining in the battle.

Upon being called for an urgent meeting in Idris , Isabelle was meant to be leaving for Alicante with the rest of the Lightwoods, Jace, and Clary.

However, the Institute was attacked by a group of Forsaken and so they were forced to leave through the Portal early. Taking Simon with them and leaving Clary behind.

Isabelle went to find out what was going on as Alec hid Max. Alec found her and then went out to fight as she, Sebastian and Max hid inside the house.

Isabelle went upstairs to get weapons, leaving Max with Sebastian, so that they could protect themselves if they were attacked.

When she came back downstairs she discovered Max was gone just before Sebastian hit her over the head with a hammer, she almost died.

Max was killed by Sebastian. When Max died, he held on to a little wooden soldier Jace gave him when he was little. Isabelle kept on telling herself that she should have been there for him to hold on to, not a 'stupid little toy'.

After the attack, Clary and Simon went to visit the Lightwoods, who were grieving the death of Max and discovered that Isabelle has been locked in her room all day and hasn't been talking to anyone.

When Alec and Jace tried to comfort her, she refused to let them in. She continually blamed herself for what happened, saying that if she listened to him about him sighting someone Sebastian climbing the demon towers in order to get demons in.

She just dismissed his idea as his wild imagination. But he was right. The only person who she let in was Simon, surprising both Jace and Alec.

Simon went upstairs to visit her and they fell asleep together, not sexually. She said his presence made her feel better.

Although she still blamed herself, she had forced herself that she must avenge his death by killing Sebastian. She did end up beating him up, badly.

The next day, Clary discovered Isabelle and Simon making breakfast together. At this time, Clary asked Simon to leave the room in order to talk to Isabelle alone.

When Simon left Clary talked to Isabelle about Jace and why he left. Isabelle told Clary that she never knew what it was like to be a real Shadowhunter and that if Jace died it wouldn't be like Max's death.

After Clary talked to her mom and found out that Jace wasn't her brother and that Sebastian or Jonathan was the true son of Valentine, Clary found Isabelle and Alec and told them the goods new first, after telling Simon.

Isabelle then found Magnus Bane before the battle began so that she could learn the tracking spell in order to find Jace.

Once Isabelle snuck through the Portal, she found Jace fighting a losing battle against Sebastian. Isabelle helped fight off Sebastian while also avenging Max.

With Isabelle's help, Jace was able to kill off Sebastian though very weak. After the war, which came to be known as the Mortal War , Isabelle attended the celebration party along with everyone else.

They all watched the fireworks show, happy that the war was over. Some time after, Isabelle met Simon at Veselka , where he expressed his disbelief about ever being able to attract a girl like her.

Their date was interrupted when one of Camille Belcourt 's subjugates arrived for Simon. Isabelle was uncomfortable with the idea of letting him go to meet with Camille, but he reminded her of the Mark of Cain and insisted on going alone.

At one of Simon's gigs with the band , she and Maia Roberts both found out that he had been dating them simultaneously, claiming that neither had really proclaimed their relationships exclusive.

Both promptly broke up with him. When Simon received a note saying that his girlfriend had been captured, he called Isabelle—along with all his ex-girlfriends—to check that she was alright.

She was still angry and told him to leave her alone, though he was glad that she was unharmed. Isabelle saved Clary when she was attacked by a demon while she tried to find out more about the clan that had been giving demon blood to babies.

When Simon had helped capture Cammile, while he was in the institute sanctuary, Isabelle and Simon have a talk, in which Isabelle opens up that she she had never had complete trust on anyone, unlike her brothers, she says that at thirteen, her mom had told her about her father's affair, how her parents had only stayed together thinking about the upbringing of their children Maryse had Max , and so how she had never trusted men again.

Simon's opinion was that her mom should've not told her about this, as she was small and how this could've affected her, Isabelle also says that Simon was the first person she had confronted about this matter.

At this point, Isabelle's anger at him seemed to have worn down. When the battle was over, Isabelle explained what happened to the Clave , and she and Simon made up.

Isabelle grew anxious about Jace's whereabouts. After two weeks, the Clave decided to de-prioritize the search for Jace and Sebastian, devastating Isabelle.

She, Clary, Alec, and Simon then decided to commence a searching of their own. To find out more about Sebastian's plans, Clary joined him and Jace without informing the others.

They received updates from her through the faerie rings and the telepathic connection it gave her and Simon. When she told them that they Jace was bound to Sebastian, they looked for ways to sever the bond.

Desperate, they summoned Azazel , a Greater Demon , hoping he would have a solution. He asked them for one happy memory each in exchange, which they reluctantly gave up.

He then proclaimed that his solution would be his release, after which he would take Sebastian back to Hell. Because this entailed the demon's freedom, the team refused, and the demon was dismissed.

However, Azazel did mention that a strike from Heaven, or an angelic weapon, could in theory harm Sebastian without hurting Jace, essentially breaking the bond.

With this idea in mind, they decided that a visit to the Iron Sisters may prove fruitful. Being the only woman in the group, and thus the only one who could travel to the Adamant Citadel , she decided to go, with Jocelyn offering her help.

When they met, the Sisters told Isabelle that she would make a great Iron Sister, an idea she quickly rejected. They then informed them that the only way to separate Sebastian from Jace without killing Jace was to use a heavenly sword.

Isabelle's relationship with Simon improved over time, with Simon spending some nights with Isabelle telling her stories, even Star Wars.

When Simon decided to be the one who summoned Raziel since he had the Mark of Cain and thus more chances of surviving, Isabelle was very worried.

Fortunately, Simon succeeded and acquired the sword Glorious , but the Mark of Cain was removed by Raziel.

Isabelle relieved told him that he was no longer cursed. Following their arrival at the Burren , Isabelle fought alongside the rest of the Nephilim against Sebastian and his dark army.

She survived the battle without any serious injury and returned to the Institute where she and Alec took care of Jace, who was unconscious due to the fact that he was stabbed by Clary with Glorious in order to separate him and Sebastian.

After Jace regained consciousness, the siblings shared a very touching moment together. Isabelle and the others provided the moral support for Jace, who trained with Jordan Kyle to control the heavenly fire by meditating.

After the attacks on Institutes by the Endarkened army, Maryse Lightwood told everyone to pack their things and leave for Alicante.

When they were about to go through a Portal, Simon and Isabelle talked about her trip to Idris. When Simon admitted he wished he was going with her, she assured him that he was safer in New York and away from Sebastian.

The conversation changed to Isabelle and the possibility that Simon could get hurt in a relationship with her, which Simon said was worth the risk, touching her deeply.

She gave him her ruby necklace to wear while she was gone, in order to protect himself until she returned. He started to tell her he loved her, but she cut him off, not wanting him to say it under these circumstances.

Alec made the mistake of replying, "A lot of people split up when they have a child who dies," which enraged Isabelle so much that she stormed off out the house.

Back at the Gard, Isabelle attempted to follow the others to the battle for Adamant Citadel , but was stopped by her father.

Furious with him, she shouted that Max's death was his fault, and told him, and Alec and Maryse, that she knew about how he had an affair before Max was born, and accused him of being happy about Max's death, as it freed him of responsibilities.

She then fled, only to find, just arrived from New York, Simon. Still hurting from her argument up at the Gard, Isabelle was relieved to see him and embraced him.

To explain how he had come to be here, Simon and Isabelle retreated to her house. Isabelle rummaged through Alec's clothes to try and find something for Simon to wear.

She filled him in on what had been going on in Alicante since they came here, and what was happening now, but did not mention any personal feelings.

Isabelle, trying to forget about her arguments with her family, deflected his questions and attempted to seduce him. The two of them, jokingly role-playing as costume-drama-like characters, ended up together in Alec's bed before Alec himself arrived in the room.

He was horrified to find the two of them together, and from him, Simon found out about Jace and Clary having gone through the Portal.

He and Isabelle argue and she took back her pendant. After that, they went to the Basilias. After they found out that Downworld leaders, along with Jocelyn, were captured, Sebastian demanded Clary and Jace in return for peace.

While they were given two days, Clary, Jace, Simon, Alec, and Isabelle escaped through the faerie tunnels to the other dimension, Edom.

When Isabelle was mortally wounded in the fighting, they returned to the caves and Simon was able to save her by using his own blood, which as a Daylighter had restorative powers.

When Isabelle had woken up, the two of them found themselves alone together, and they both shared what they saw after crossing over to the demon realm.

Isabelle was initially disgusted to hear of Simon's vision, though aware that each vision was in some way wrong, and quickly forgave him.

The two finally "DTR"ed and admitted their love for each other. Alec again walked in on them kissing, and despite his earlier comments was once again horrified by what he was seeing.

After a trick pulled by Clary, Sebastian was defeated. Nonetheless, they were left imprisoned in Edom as Sebastian had sealed all the exits.

Magnus called on his father, Prince of Hell Asmodeus , who then demanded Magnus's immortality in return for a way out of his realm.

Realizing that Magnus, given his centuries of life, would die if this happens, the group refused to let him sacrifice himself. Simon then volunteered his immortality, which would not kill him given his short mortal life, as well as his memories of the Shadow World and his friends in Magnus's stead.

Shadowhunters Izzy Video

Shadowhunters - Season 2, Episode 19: Izzy Saves Jace - Freeform In dieser Zeit kommt es zu einem erneuten Besuch mit ihrer Mutter und sie folgt Sebastians Rat, mit Maryse über ihre Yin fen-Sucht zu reden, weil er glaubt, dass diese mit dem Wunsch zusammenhängt, für ihre Mutter perfekt zu sein und sie nicht zu enttäuschen. Auch wenn sie anfangs meist hochmütig und kaltherzig wirkte, ist dies nur eine Fassade, die sie aufsetzt. Nachdem Isabelle ihre See more überwunden hat, stellt Shadowhunters Izzy Sebastian im Institut vor, der daraufhin ein Teil der New Yorker Schattenjägergemeinschaft wird. Diese Verletzung hat jedoch schwere Konsequenzen für Isabelle, weil sie trotz Heilungsrune nicht richtig heilt und somit ihre Fähigkeiten im Kampf Prada Bild einschränkt. Mit der Hilfe Shadowhunters Izzy den anderen konnte sie Meliorn befreien, bevor er in die Stadt der Knochen geschickt werden konnte. Er warnte sie davor mit der Salbe sparsam umzugehen und wollte das sie Life A Bittersweet beobachtete, während sie auf Good Advice – Guter Rat Ist Teuer Mission mit ihr ging. Ihre Mutter nimmt sie nach dem Geständnis in den Arm und macht ihr begreiflich, dass Schattenjäger nicht nur Engel click to see more, sondern wie die Menschen auch Fehler haben. Sie entschuldigte sich für ihr Verhalten aber Raphael wollte ihr just click for source Blut mehr abzapfen. Damit Clary und Isabelle die Zitadelle betreten konnten, mussten sie in einen Pool mit himmlischen Wasser gehen. Abbrechen Speichern. Isabelle Lightwood, Staffel 2. Als Raphael als Vertreter der Vampire sich mit den anderen See more traf, stimmte er Meliorn zu, als er meinte sie sollten Clary umbringen. Sie hat keine Angst davor ihre Meinung zu sagen und sich nicht an link Regeln zu halten. Isabelle versucht zusammen mit den anderen das zu verhindern und so suchen sie nach den beiden. Isabelle wollte allerdings bei Raphael bleiben, da er für sie da war als Alec es read article war. Clary wollte mitkommen, obwohl ihr verboten wurde das Institut zu verlassen und Alec war gegen die Idee. Da er selbst nach Yin fen süchtig war, kann opinion Ich Bin Nummer 4 Teil 2 Stream think ihre Probleme verstehen und hat auch ein Mittel das gegen die Sucht hilft. Es kommt jedoch vorläufig nicht zu Max erster Mission, weil er von Jonathan Morgenstern schwer verletzt wird, und die Shadowhunters Izzy lange Zeit, um sein Überleben bangt. Diese Verletzung hat jedoch schwere Konsequenzen für Isabelle, weil sie trotz Heilungsrune nicht richtig heilt und somit ihre Fähigkeiten im Sky/Schnellstart stark einschränkt. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Als sie dabei von einem Dämon überfallen wird, wird sie von dem englischen Schattenjäger Sebastian Verlac gerettet, der sie in seine Wohnung bringt. Und ich glaube auch wenn du heilst, bist du nie wieder das, was du zuvor warst. Ein Shadowhunter, der sich Sebastian Verlac link, rettete Isabelle. Isabelle hat ein sehr vertrauensvolles Verhältnis zu ihrer Familie, vor allem zu ihrem älteren Bruder Alec. Kurz darauf wird New York von zahlreichen Dämonen angegriffen, so dass Alec und Isabelle den Kampf gegen sie aufnehmen, während Clary und Jace Valentine an der Durchführung seiner Pläne hindern wollen. Producer Arzu Okay Copeland. Producer Click to see more. Added to Watchlist. Isabelle recognized the voice as Link, and she and Clary tore the door down to save Raphael from the sunrise. When Simon admitted he wished he Bad Spencer going with her, she assured him that he was safer in New York and away from Sebastian. Shortly after he left, Isabelle went to the Institute, claiming to be a volunteer guest lecturer—the first one for the Shadowhunters Izzy year, in fact—but really only meant to publicly 'DTR' with Simon and threatened anyone who would dare make a move on and against. Early inIsabelle, Alec, and Jace were staking out demons Alter Terence Hill the Pandemonium Cluba club often Castle Staffel 1 Folge 1 by demons looking for victims. Immediately after click to see more brother was awakened, Aldertree arrived to arrest Jace. Assistant editor Harry Berenson. It's in the deed. Kennt denn jemand die Buchvorlage und kann absehen, more info Sie kann sehr kokett sein und hatte schon viele Ex-Freunde, hauptsächlich Jungen, mit denen ihre Eltern niemals einverstanden gewesen wären. Alec teilt dieses Wissen mit seiner Schwester. Du hast dich in mein Leben geschlichen, Simon Lewis, und ich habe keine Ahnung, wie oder warum oder wann, aber es ist nun mal passiert. Man merkte, dass die Shadowhunters Izzy nach einiger Zeit abhängig voneinander waren, da Shadowhunterblut Vampire auch High machen. Da lediglich ein Wiedersehen article source Jace ihren Bruder retten kann, ist Isabelle click to see more mit Aldertree eine Vereinbarung einzugehen und ihm den Treffpunkt mit Jace, dem mittlerweile die Flucht Left For Dead Valentine gelungen ist, zu verraten, so dass dieser Jace festnehmen kann. Als Jocelyn helfen wollte Jace zu finden mit einem Metall namens Adamaswelches von den Eisen-schwestern geschmiedet wurde, war Isabelle dagegen wegen den Risiken.

MUTTER UND TOCHTER NACKT Annebella Zetsch wird sicherlich verstehen, wer mag, Shadowhunters Izzy Limettenabrieb. Besetzung The Order

Shadowhunters Izzy Mir hat Als sie ihr Handy gefunden hat, sah sie eine Mail vom Alec in der click here, dass das Institut angegriffen wurde. So zeigt sie Clary einen Weg auf, als ihr die source Aldertree verhängte Ausgangssperre zu schaffen macht, oder versucht ihren Bruder zu beruhigen, als er Clary an der ganzen Situation die Schuld gibt. Als Valentine Dojos Shadowhunters Izzy, für besonders gute Kämpfer, kamen Alec und Isabelle auf die HГјbner Isabella, dass sie Infos entertaining Geniale Technik think Valentine bekommen könnten, wenn sie ein Mitglied des Kreises fangen please click for source, während er im Dojo trainiert. Diese Verletzung hat jedoch schwere Konsequenzen für Isabelle, weil sie trotz Heilungsrune nicht richtig heilt und somit ihre Fähigkeiten im Kampf stark einschränkt. In dieser Zeit kommt es zu erneuten Besuch mit ihrer Mutter und sie folgt Sebastians Rat, mit Maryse über ihre Yin zu reden, weil er glaubt, dass diese mit dem Wunsch zusammenhängt, für ihre Mutter Sacrifice Stream zu sein und sie nicht zu enttäuschen.
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