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Gerd E. Schäfer Video

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This talk will introduce the state-of-the-art of bio-artificial muscles and other key biological components, and address potentials and challenges of bio-integrated robots.

Three thrusts of bioengineering and control technologies will be highlighted. First, skeletal muscle cells are genetically altered so that each muscle strip can be controlled individually with high spatiotemporal resolution: Optogenetics.

When exposed to a light beam, a group of light-sensitive muscle strips contract locally and dynamically, creating multi DOF motion in a compact body.

Second, a new culturing technique is developed for creating 3-D fascicle-like muscle constructs, which is a key step for scaling up the bio-artificial muscles to a large-scale functional muscle.

Finally, a new stochastic control method for controlling a population of cells and micro-tissues will be discussed. While individual cells and tissues are inevitably heterogeneous and stochastic, their population behaviors are stable and functional in a wide range.

A new approach is needed for in vitro control of cells and tissues to assure robust, reliable behaviors. Plenary Sessions Biography H.

He received the B. He specializes in robotics, biological engineering, and system dynamics and control. His current research in the biological engineering area includes bio-artificial muscles, angiogenesis, modeling and control of cell migration, and cell tracking image processing.

His current robotics research includes wireless micro underwater robots for direct inspection of nuclear reactors, aircraft manufacturing robotics, wearable supernumerary robotic limbs for assisting factory workers and astronauts, and cellular PZT actuators.

The full size humanoid robot differs from the toy size small ones in many aspects. It should have a very stable and well-designed structure with little uncertainties.

It must be strong enough to move its body weight, but not so heavy to minimize the torques to drive the body parts.

Another important task is to design a walking algorithm. The walking algorithm is composed with two parts: off-line gait pattern design and real time stabilization control.

Gait pattern design is to find a periodic function for each joint of leg such that humanoid robot is to walk with desired velocity keeping a certain level of stability.

We suggested a simple function connected with cubic spline and sine functions with minimal number of parameters.

This approach simplifies the parameter adjustment procedure. Play back of gait pattern found from the former process, however, does not guarantee the robot walks in real practice since there are number of uncertainties involved in real situations.

The uncertainties include ground inclination, friction, and un-modeled vibration of the body. The stabilization algorithm should deal with these kinds of problems.

The general issues mentioned above will be presented. He has performed many industry and government research projects in motion control, sensors, microprocessor applications, robotics, etc.

He is especially interested in mechatronics and system integration. He is currently studying to improve the performance of humanoid robot for faster and more stable walking, robust robot system integration and light weight design.

He is also a member of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea. They are listed here for your consideration. All events take place in the RiverCentre meeting rooms Mac Donald Issa A.

Bonsignorio, Angel P. Our goal is to make the Challenge accessible to all members of the ICRA community, to integrate it tightly with the technical aspects of the conference, and to encourage as many participants as possible to bring their teams and participate.

To participate in any of the challenges, use the contact information below. The challenge models a set of "sushi boat" restaurant tasks: clearing a table, setting a table, and serving from a rotating table.

We will run this challenge at two scales: human and mini. The human scale will use real tables and chairs and dishes. The mini scale will be suited for smaller robots.

Simulations of the space at both scales will be available in advance. Indoor Robotic Contingency formerly Planetary Robotic Contingency, AKA the modular robot competition This challenge simulates an unexpected problem where a robotic solution must be quickly developed and deployed, using only existing resources.

The intent of this event is to develop versatile robotic systems and software that can be adapted quickly to address unexpected events.

Since humans are present, a natural solution to realistic unexpected events would exploit human creativity and human-robot interaction.

The competition drives not only the development of versatile robotic hardware and on-board software, but also the design and development of programming and assembly tools capable of rapidly implementing a wide variety of capabilities.

Since tele-operation is not precluded for this event, the development of effective user interfaces is another expected outcome.

The Environment and Event Parameters The environment for this event will consist of two areas: a green zone and a red zone. The green zone will represent the human-occupied area from which the robots will be "launched" onto the red zone where humans may not enter.

Robots must be placed in an airlock chamber and drive or be driven out onto the red zone. If a robot needs to return to the green zone, it must do so through the airlock chamber.

The airlock will be 1. Teams will be allowed to use only what they can carry within one airline suitcase. This may be any container that weighs less than 50lbs 23kg and with outside dimensions summing to less than 62 inches cm , and weighing 25kg or less.

The actual unexpected problem to be solved will be announced on the day of the competition. The problems will be constrained to have likely robotic solution that fit the spirit of the competition.

For example, you will not be required to have the robot travel km to the site of the problem, or to construct a person emergency habitat from freshly-mined regolith.

The scope of the task might vary from a short 10 minute task, to one taking several hours. Specific tasks will be announced to all teams simultaneously, and they will work on their solutions independently.

Example Scenarios To give an idea of the sorts of tasks, here are a few examples. In the past the competition had a space theme where tasks simulated Martian or lunar habitat emergencies.

The antenna is crucial to the guidance of a resupply transport, which is scheduled to arrive in 4 hours and an EVA is not safe.

The team must develop a robot that can reach the antenna, grasp it and reattach it to its receptacle. The antenna is 10 m from the habitat, sitting on top of a 1m by 2m rectangular base that is 1m tall.

The base is visible from the habitat. The antenna is a 1cm cylindrical rod 1m long that fits as a peg into a hole 2cm deep in the base.

You have a spare antenna and base in the habitat that can be used for testing purposes. Base station repair Sensors have discovered a tear in a thermal covering on the top of a storage shed which contains the habitat's store of liquid nitrogen.

The team has 4 hours before the Martian morning arrives and starts to dangerously heat the nitrogen. The team must develop a robot that can crawl on top of the structure, use the supplied patching material, and patch the hole by dispensing a supplied glue.

Unfortunately, the structure was not designed to support heavy weights, so the robot must weigh less than 5kg or risk collapsing the structure, with disastrous consequences.

Nuclear power plant repair You must send a robot into a nuclear power plant and shut off a valve before the power plant explodes. The amount of torque required to shut off the valve is not trivial.

Access to the critical areas has size constraints - e. Mobile Microrobotics Challenge Recent advances in the design and fabrication of microelectromechanical systems MEMS have enabled the development of mobile microrobots that can autonomously navigate and manipulate in controlled environments.

It is expected that this technology will be critical in applications as varied as intelligent sensor networks, in vivo medical diagnosis and treatment, and adaptive microelectronics.

However, many challenges remain, particularly with respect to locomotion, power storage, embedded intelligence, and motion measurement.

As a result, NIST has organized performance-based competitions for mobile microrobots that are designed to: 1 motivate researchers to accelerate microrobot development, 2 reveal the most pressing technical challenges, and 3 evaluate the most successful methods for locomotion and manipulation at the microscale e.

DAR-win-OP is a vision-capable humanoid with full functionality and scalability. Researchers are strongly encouraged to join an open source community for cooperative research to encourage creative applications from around the globe and maximize contribution for humanoid research.

For more information, see: www. Projects using customized hardware or simulation only are also welcome. Each challenge will have multiple events and teams can participate in one or more events.

Teams will use the USARSim simulation framework to deliver completed pallets throughout a simulated warehouse environment.

Teams have the option to be physically present for the challenge events or, participate remotely from their home institution.

New and multi-disciplinary teams that foster collaboration and include researchers from other disciplines ex.

Kinova, Inc. Schunk SimLab. Springer Publishers www. Factors that will be considered are originality, depth, quality, presentation, and significance as related to automation, emphasizing efficiency, productivity, quality, and reliability, focusing on systems that operate autonomously in predictable environments over extended periods, or the explicit structuring of such environments.

Best Cognitive Robotics Paper Award sponsored by CoTeSys This award is established to promote interdisciplinary research on cognition for technical systems and advancements of cognitive robotics in industry, home applications, and daily life.

Factors to be considered are: the significance of cognitive behavior and cognitive capabilities, interdisciplinary work, creativity, technical merits, originality, potential impact in applications in industry and at home, and clarity of presentation.

Best Manipulation Paper Award sponsored by Ben Wegbreit The award wants to highlight innovative efforts in the planning and execution of manipulation tasks which take place in dynamic environments.

The integration of humans is also critical. Numerous challenges need to be overcome and new applications are also highly sought after.

Best Medical Robotics Paper Award sponsored by Intuitive Surgical This award will recognize outstanding work in the area of medical robotics and computer-assisted interventional devices and systems.

Relevant topics may include the design and development of novel devices and robotic systems, and their integration with navigation and imaging technologies for enhanced clinical efficacy.

Factors to be considered are: the significance of the new applications, technical merits, originality, potential impact on the field, and clarity of presentation.

Factors to be considered are: Technical merit, originality, potential impact on the field, practical significance for applications, and clarity of the video presentation.

Factors to be considered are: Technical merit, originality, potential impact on the field, practical significance of the applications, clarity of the written presentation in the proceedings, and quality of the oral presentation at the conference.

Factors to be considered are: Technical merit, originality, potential impact on the field, clarity of the written paper, and quality of the oral or other presentation.

Similar efforts have been undertaken in the United States, Europe, and Asia with mixed results. You will hear from researchers, vendors, and funding agencies on their experiences and the roadblocks they have encountered.

A panel discussion will conclude the forum to foster dialog between participants and speakers. Based on the discussions stemming from the entire day, a white paper will be published with an action plan to go from where we are to where we can.

The target audience of the forum is end-users, developers, vendors, and anyone who is interested in robotics and automation technologies.

What can government agencies do to foster such collaboration and facilitate innovation and technology transfer?

How can the end-users and the community at-large benefit from the above three groups working as a cohesive whole?

What are known and hidden and not-so-widely discussed barriers and roadblocks? What is the role of standardization and ad-hoc standards and best practices?

Can the support of entrepreneurship address some of the aforementioned problems? How can we leverage existing know-how and target the low-hanging fruit as well as long-term issues in a collaborative fashion?

Agenda The final list of speakers is yet to be confirmed. The Innovation Corps is an aggressive new program to train students and principal investigators in the subtleties of commercializing output of basic research.

Researchers with NSF-sponsored research ideas that they believe are nearing commercial potential can apply for funding to help determine the business potential of ground-breaking ideas.

However, some believe entrepreneurial education has failed to deliver substantive changes in the success rate of technology-based start-up businesses in the United States.

NSF has adopted an emerging new curriculum being championed at select universities that formulates business creation as a methodology familiar to engineers and scientists: hypothesis testing.

By capturing this methodology and introducing it to educators, engineers and scientists, the Innovation Corps endeavors to construct an innovation ecosystem that more efficiently captures the fruits of government investment in long-term research for job creation and economic development.

This bold new program has been garnering deep interest from government agencies and entrepreneurial educators around the world.

In an economic climate that presents increasing challenges due to the accelerating pace of technological change, dwindling natural resources, rising unemployment, and spiraling populations, greater efficiency in translating academic advances into meaningful impact on society is relevant to all.

The ICRA "Birds of a Feather" Women Luncheons offer the opportunity to young female researchers to discuss informally with senior faculty members around a free lunch.

Free lunch will be available on a first-come, first-served basis to ICRA women attendees. This luncheon was initiated within the RAS Technical Activities Board TAB as a means to let graduates be aware of what the society has to offer, and to network with each other.

The opportunity is also used to present the structure of the society, and introduce the various Technical Committees forming TAB.

RAS members will have first priority. If you are not yet a member, you can sign up now at www.

Pre-registration required. Lunch with Leaders LwL was initiated by the Student Activities Committee with the aim to provide students with an opportunity to get in contact with leaders and get advice and mentoring on their career and research.

Leaders in attendance will include: Antal Bejczy, T. RAS members will be prioritized. From May 14 to May 18, the conference will showcase technical sessions, workshops, tutorials, and exhibits reflecting advances in our rapidly developing field.

The convention center is located in downtown Saint Paul overlooking the Mississippi River. The walk from RiverCentre to Crowne Plaza, the main conference hotel, takes about eight minutes along Kellogg Boulevard.

All workshops, technical sessions, exhibits and robotics challenges will be held at the RiverCentre.

Minneapolis and Saint Paul constitute a vibrant metro area known as the Twin Cities. The area is also a major hub for arts, sports, education and entertainment.

Together with its numerous parks, lakes, biking and hiking trails, the Twin Cities have something fun and exciting for any taste.

Located on Kellogg Boulevard and overlooking the Mississippi River, the Science Museum of Minnesota offers guests a unique opportunity to explore all kinds of science learning.

With nearly nine acres of indoor space devoted to hands-on science activities, a state-of-the-art giant screen theater, and an outdoor exhibit gallery featuring science-themed mini-golf and a 17, square-foot prairie maze, the Science Museum of Minnesota has something for visitors of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy.

In the Science Museum of Minnesota's Experiment Gallery, visitors can carry out simple experiments and find the joy of discovery as they uncover the fundamental properties of physical events.

They can explore energy transformation, weather, air dynamics, light, waves and resonance, and more.

The Science Museum of Minnesota's Cell Lab offers visitors an opportunity to don a lab coat and gloves to explore the world of cells through creative experiments.

One of the highlights of the museum's Dinosaurs and Fossils Gallery is an foot-long Diplodocus , a plant-eating dinosaur from the Jurassic period.

With St. A perennial summer visitor favorite, the Big Back Yard features a science-style mini-golf course, a 17,square foot prairie maze, gardens, and an award-winning solar-powered building.

During the conference, SMM will also feature a Pirates exhibit! Try out one of these sample itineraries, as recommended by our volunteers!

During the conference, a new exhibit featuring a rare, early published version of the U. Constitution and an even more rare draft of the Bill of Rights, along with the original editions of the two state of Minnesota Constitutions, will be on display.

How to get there: The walk from the RiverCentre takes about ten minutes. Listed on the national register of historic places and featured in several movies, the Food Network and travel TV programs, Mickey's is an authentic 's Art Deco diner.

The diner has been serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner 24 hours a day for nearly 70 years. For more see www.

Paul: Take a fifteen minute walk from the RiverCentre to see one of the most prominent attractions of St. Jonathan Padelford: Enjoy the splendor of the Mississippi with a ride on the Jonathan Padelford, an authentic sternwheeler riverboat.

A historically narrated public sightseeing excursion departs at 2P. The tour runs for 90 minutes. Sights on the way include: the St.

Tours depart from Harriet Island, which is directly across the river from the Science Museum.

Wabasha Street Caves: These manmade caves have historically been used for growing mushrooms and for the storage of food.

The caves are said to be haunted this one is definitely true. The walk is about fifteen minutes from the Crowne Plaza, and twenty from the RiverCentre.

Paul was transitioning from a town to a city, and the business leaders of the day used their newfound wealth to build themselves mansions on the hill overlooking their empire.

Many of these mansions are still standing today, under the shade of broad trees, stretching from the Cathedral of St. Highlights include the James J.

Scott Fitzgerald lived. If you get tired of houses and trees you can stop for a bite to eat on Selby Avenue near the Cathedral, or alternatively near the intersection of Grand Avenue and Victoria a block south of Summit Ave.

Both areas were once streetcar stops which allowed commercial districts to build up in mostly residential areas.

Though the street car is long gone, the commercial areas remain, and they are popular local destinations. Visit www. How to get there: The conference is planning to provide shuttles to MoA.

Please check the information booth by the registration area in RiverCentre for departure information.

You can also take Bus 54 Express Route on 5 th Avenue. The trip there is about half an hour. Summit Brewery: If you are taking public transportation, you can stop by the Summit Brewery along the way.

Summit is a uniquely Minnesotan beer, and a local favorite. The Brewery offers free tours and free samples, and has a gift shop on site.

Disembark on Otto Avenue. Conference Locations Minneapolis Our suggested itinerary for Minneapolis starts from the Minneapolis Central Library make sure to peek inside!

The walk takes about thirty minutes. The best place to enter the skyway system is through the Gaviidae Commons home to Nieman Marcus, the premium outlet Saks Off 5th, and other upscale shopping and dining areas.

The Center is home to a nice indoor plaza and to more affordable lunch options. Between the IDS center and Target flagship store, you can stop by Barnes and Noble bookstore , go to Panera for quick sandwich, or enjoy Zelo; an upscale restaurant featuring American and Italian fusion cuisine.

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