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The Walking Dead - Whisperers: Das müsst ihr über Alphas flüsternde Gefolgschaft wissen. Diese Horrorgruppe macht Michonne und Co. das. Sie wurden zuerst in der Episode "Die Welt dreht sich weiter" von AMC's The Walking Dead eingeführt. Sie dienen als Gegner der ersten Hälfte der neunten. "The Walking Dead"-Wissen: Wer oder was sind die Whisperer? Wir erklären Dir, was es mit den Whisperern in Staffel 9 von "The. Staffel von "The Walking Dead" sind endlich die Whisperers zu sehen. in dem „​TWD“-Comic Nr. „There were whispers and I was afraid“. Größter „The Walking Dead“-Tod seit langem: Das verändert den Whisperer-​Krieg völlig. Beatrice Osuji | © Gene Page / AMC / eOne.

Twd Whisperer

Sie wurden zuerst in der Episode "Die Welt dreht sich weiter" von AMC's The Walking Dead eingeführt. Sie dienen als Gegner der ersten Hälfte der neunten. The Walking Dead: Welches Spiel spielt Negan? Quelle: AMC Also ein Sieg auf ganzer Linie für die Whisperers? Nein, denn da gibt es immer. The Walking Dead (Audio-Datei / Hörbeispiel anhören) war eine monatlich erscheinende Comicserie, die in den USA zwischen Oktober und Juli ​.

A Whisperer catches Alpha shedding tears and she in turn slaughters him in order to ensure the group does not learn of her weakness.

At a gathering in the Kingdom, Siddiq states his belief that Alpha wanted him to spread the story of the evil that had happened and scare the communities into breaking apart.

Instead, Siddiq tells a story of a heroic last stand, which began when Ozzy, Alek, and D. They kill several Whisperers before they are overpowered by Alpha and other Whisperers.

Even though many of the prisoners didn't know each other, they fought like a family to protect each other to the very end which is how Siddiq believes they should be remembered, not as loved ones who were brutally executed.

Several months after the fair massacre, the storm has passed. He then flops her arm with a branch to make her strong.

Daryl and Carol walk to the cliff where Alpha showed him the Whisperers' herd. As he leaves, Carol sees Alpha emerge from the woods.

She looks up and they stare at each other with anger. Alpha and Beta talk about their enemies and the fear they possess on them.

He says they should return so they won't forget about them, but Alpha questions his loyalty towards her decisions. Beta says he would never question her and is sent to collect walkers for their herd with the help of two sisters.

Frances starts crying in the middle of a herd and causes some walkers to try to attack her. Beta kills them and says she will pay for this.

At their camp, Beta throws Frances to the ground and orders a Whisperer to kill her. As she starts screaming that her son is in a better place, Alpha demands they leave her alone.

Beta follows her and says she needs to punish Frances. Alpha angrily tells him to not question her and claims he would never understand what it feels to lose a child.

She then orders him to send Frances to a tent where she will be waiting. The next day, Alpha leads a group of Whisperers to a field to gather more walkers.

Frances witnesses a walker with a strapped baby carrier and starts having flashbacks to when she abandoned her son. She runs towards Alpha and jumps on her causing the herd to get riled up.

The herd closes in and Frances is pulled off Alpha by her sister and thrown to the middle of the herd to be devoured.

Back at their camp, Alpha questions Frances' sister on whether or not she regrets letting her sister die.

She confesses she will always be loyal to Alpha. Beta approaches and questions Alpha about why she is calm after losing three of their people and their herd.

Alpha, however, claims she is proud of the woman. That night, Alpha anoints the woman a "Gamma" and the group praises her. Beta watches with jealousy from behind.

The next day, Gamma questions Beta's feelings about her. They both claim to be empty as Alpha wants. Beta then heads off to look for Alpha at their old camp.

In the present, Beta discovers Alpha has made a shrine to Lydia and lied about killing her. Alpha breaks down and says she couldn't kill her daughter.

She then destroys the shrine and pleads with him to keep Lydia's life a secret. He promises he will and informs her that the enemy has crossed the border.

Alpha smiles and says they will return to teach them a lesson. Later, the Whisperers move around the woods with their herd as Alpha notices something in the distance.

Alpha arrives with some Whisperers at the border and Daryl, Michonne, Carol, and a few others arrive as well and lay down their weapons.

She reminds them to stay off her land. Michonne explains the fire would have wiped out Oceanside and they only crossed one time, but Alpha reminds her of two other times they trespassed.

Alpha declares that there will be no bloodshed, and instead announces she's moving the border up as punishment.

Carol says they don't have to listen to her bullshit. Daryl tries to get her to leave but Alpha says not until Carol lowers her eyes to her feet.

Alpha tells Carol she should fear her but Carol says she feels nothing at all. Alpha reminds her how Henry feared her before she beheaded him, causing Carol to pull out her gun and shoot.

Daryl manages to hit her arm so she misses as the Whisperers draw their weapons. Michonne apologizes to Alpha for Carol's behavior and Alpha says she forgives her "mother to mother.

Later, Carol sees a Whisperer walking by the hallway and follows them. Carol enters the gymnasium and falls into a trap that catches her upside down from the ceiling.

After killing all the walkers, Carol cuts herself down and rises up as her alarm goes off and everyone enters the room.

A Whisperer then demands that instead of using more walkers for slower strategies, they should release their herd on the communities.

Alpha allows the group to vote but nobody agrees with the Whisperer. She suddenly cuts his leg and he collapses.

Back in the woods, Gamma walks with the reanimated Whisperer. She starts having flashbacks to when she killed her sister and starts to stab repeatedly the Whisperer on its head.

She ends up cutting herself and dropping her knife in the water. Aaron appears and throws some bandages.

He introduces himself and tries to get her to do the same, but she picks up the bandage and runs off. At their camp, Gamma confesses to Alpha that Aaron gave her gauze for her wound.

Alpha shushes her and instructs her to sit, before removing Gamma's mask. They discuss sacrifices and Gamma tells her that her sacrifice was much greater, in reference to Lydia.

Alpha says Aaron might be useful for her plans and they might have to wear a new mask. Meanwhile, Negan is trotting around the woods and arrives at one of the borders.

He yells to get the Whisperers' attention and starts to get surrounded by a group of walkers. As he starts smashing their heads, he is suddenly thrown to the ground by Beta.

He jokes about their lifestyle and says he wants to join them. Beta puts his knives to Negan's throat and says that he is too loud.

Negan apologizes and introduces himself, before explaining he has been a prisoner of Alexandria for eight years and is willing to reveal their secrets.

Beta relents and gags Negan as they continue their walk. Alpha wants to test him, while Beta wants to kill him.

Alpha notes that Beta has been questioning her rather often lately and asks if he is finally challenging her. Beta kneels in submission and vows that he will never challenge her.

Alpha forgives him as Negan smiles nearby. Later, Negan mocks Beta's relationship with Alpha and jokes that he is attracted to her baldness.

In the woods, Beta forces Negan to do a series of tasks, like digging graves, skinning walkers, and help hunt a boar to prove his worth.

Back in their camp, Beta tells Negan that he has not earned the right to eat with them and throws him to the ground. Negan collects himself and sits with another Whisperer who shares some food with him.

Beta and Negan walk among one of their herds in the woods as his final task. When Negan starts making jokes again, Beta tells him he'll never be one of them because he's too loud and egotistical.

Beta kills a Whisperer in response and walks away, leaving Negan to fend for himself with a pocket knife.

The next morning, Beta returns to the camp and tells Alpha that Negan died because he was weak. Suddenly, a blood-covered Negan arrives demanding a skinsuit for himself with an extra measure because of his humongous balls.

He kneels and introduces himself to Alpha. Alpha leans down to sniff him and shushes him to signal she approves.

Outside, Carol questions Lydia about their new prisoner and she reveals he is one of the Whisperers in charge of herding the walkers.

Carol also asks if he knows where Alpha's horde is and Lydia reckons that he does. He then orders that the Whisperer's wounds be treated first and demands to be present during the interrogation.

After he is ordered by Dante not to try anything, the Whisperer tells Siddiq he remembers him from the barn and starts to taunt him.

Siddiq becomes nervous so Dante suggests him to head outside. She questions how his community is full of supplies like bread. He offers her some but she turns him down.

Gamma then notices a drawing by Gracie in his bag and he reveals he has a daughter. She is surprised to hear that they have children in the community and explains that children hold you back.

When Aaron asks about siblings, Gamma lies and tells him she's an only child. Back in Alexandria, Carol brings the Whisperer a tray with a sandwich and offers him any flavor he wants as well as having salted fish for lunch.

When she says she just wants to talk, the Whisperer refuses so she just hands him the bread. He slowly starts to eat it before being overcome with emotion.

Suddenly, he spits it all out onto Carol's face. Carol presses her finger in the Whisperer's wound, demanding to know where the horde is.

When the Whisperer implies that he would rape her if they were out in the wild, Carol puts on her ring and punches him repeatedly in the face.

Daryl pulls out a knife and threatens to cut off his fingers, ears, and teeth. The Whisperer says they are lying to themselves and he wouldn't betray Alpha because she loves her people so much she sacrificed her own daughter.

At the bridge, Aaron tells Gamma she can keep the drawing and tries to ask about her past. When she doesn't answer, he calls her out for digging for intel and thinks he should be doing the same.

He then opens up about his younger brother and tries for her to the same. Before she can give in, Gamma leaves while repeating the Whisperer motto to herself.

Back in the cell, the Whisperer is shaking and talking to himself. As the group enters the cell to help him, he starts convulsing and spits up blood onto Dante's shoulder before succumbing to the poison and dying on the floor.

Siddiq then finds a jar of hemlock in the medical backpack and accuses Dante of killing him. However, Dante lies and says he was responsible for packing it.

Elsewhere, Gamma weeps to herself when a walker suddenly attacks her and she manages to kill it. She is then shocked to see Alpha standing nearby waiting.

Alpha questions her about Aaron and Gamma says she learned his name and that he has a daughter. Alpha wonders if she asked about her sister's child but Gamma swears she didn't.

Alpha then tells her to remove her mask and proceeds to whip her arm so she can remain strong. She goes on to tell Gamma that Aaron is tempting her with lies and she shouldn't be seduced.

In the cell, Daryl prevents the Whisperer from reanimating and Gabriel offers to help him hide the body. That night, Gamma meets with Aaron again.

She hands him back Gracie's drawing and when he reaches for it, she grabs him from behind and puts a knife to his neck to question him.

Suddenly, Carol emerges from the woods with her arrow pointed as Lydia also arrives. Gamma panics to see Lydia alive and runs off into the woods.

Carol tries to explain to Lydia that Alpha lied to the Whisperers about killing her but Lydia compares her to Alpha. She then says she chooses her own side and hits Carol with her staff before crossing into the border as well.

Nearby, Gamma has a breakdown and cries. Back in Alexandria, Siddiq gazes out the window in his house. Dante arrives to comfort him. He explains that everything is going to be okay because Alexandria is a special place, before declaring that Siddiq is his friend.

He then starts clicking his tongue, which triggers Siddiq back to the beheadings and makes him realize that Dante was the Whisperer forcing him to watch as his friends were killed.

They soon start fighting in the room as Siddiq tries to reach for a machete. Dante tackles him to the ground and puts him in a chokehold.

Not you! Not like this. Close your eyes He pretends to need help from walkers and joins them. A short time later, they arrive at Alexandria.

He grabs a knife to put him down but is interrupted by a knock on the door. A suspicious Dante lies about his whereabouts as Siddiq starts to reanimate.

When Dante reveals his knife, Rosita slowly backs away and puts Coco into a bathtub. He tackles her to the ground and starts choking her as a reanimated Siddiq walks over to his crying daughter.

Before Coco can be harmed, Rosita stabs Dante in the chest, puts down Siddiq, and then brutally beats Dante until he is knocked unconscious.

She then picks up Coco and cries as she looks at Siddiq's dead body. She offers him information in exchange for seeing Adam.

Before accepting any type of deal, Aaron makes her take off her mask and to tell the truth. She obeys and reveals her real name to be Mary.

When he says he's looking forward to them arguing over what to do with him as they did with Negan, Rosita kicks him in the back and leaves as Aaron arrives.

After this Whisperer begins approaching the newcomers, ready to kill them, he is shot in the head by Aaron before he could do anything to them.

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Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Post-Prison Survivors. Alexandria Safe-Zone. The Scavengers. Hilltop Colony. In the present, Alpha orders Beta to collect more walkers from a nearby parking garage, having him take two sisters with him.

At the garage, Beta successfully lures the walkers to follow, but one of the sisters, Frances, who Alpha had forced to leave her baby behind at the Hilltop Colony shown in " Bounty " , believes she hears a baby crying nearby and panics, causing the walkers to turn on them.

Beta rescues Frances and they return to their camp without the walkers. There, Beta is ready to kill Frances, but Alpha takes Frances for a talk, and Frances cries and repents.

Beta becomes concerned that Alpha did not punish Frances for showing weakness, and wonders why they have not attacked the other groups.

He follows her to their old camp and discovers Alpha has set up a small shrine to Lydia, including her old bunny doll.

Alpha admits Lydia is still alive and has shown weakness in not attacking the communities. Beta assures her that she was made for this world.

Alpha asserts they will soon attack the communities. Just then, they see the fire trail of the fallen satellite overhead and crash nearby, drawing walkers to them.

Amidst the chaos, Frances sees one walker with a baby carrier and again panics and Alpha rushes in to try to save her but is overwhelmed.

Frances' sister rushes in, dragging Alpha to safety after pushing Frances away from her and into the mob of walkers, who then kill Frances.

As the Whisperers find shelter, Alpha is impressed with Frances' sister's sacrifice and dubs her Gamma. The Whisperers go to investigate the fallen satellite, and Alpha, pulling her mask off, eyes Carol from across a ravine.

There, Alpha threatens them to not cross her borders again, but proceeds to take more of their land after Carol failed to shoot her. She ordered Gamma to use guardians to pollute the river that the communities used to supply themselves with water, and when her apprentice returned to the camp to ask for another walker, Alpha ended up with one of her subjects who had challenged her attack strategies and handed it to him for use in his mission once he converted.

When Gamma showed Alpha her injured hand covered by bandages that one of her enemies had given her, the deranged woman confessed that she understood her actions assuming that it was a necessary sacrifice and commented that the man who had helped her could be useful to them.

In the episode " Bonds ", when Negan was discovered prowling within her territory, Alpha decided to perform some tests to determine if he was strong enough to speak to her and put him in charge of his right hand.

Although Beta expressed her discontent at having the newcomer within the group, Alpha asked him if he had finally decided to challenge her to take command of the Whisperers but he flatly refused and knelt before her promising that he would never again question her decisions.

However, Alpha was completely disappointed when Beta informed her that Negan had died in her final test, but it was more her surprise when the tyrant appeared in the camp and knelt before her swearing his full loyalty; Alpha accepted him as a member of the group.

In the episode " Open Your Eyes ", after finding Gamma in the middle of the forest, Alpha quickly asked her about the information she had gotten from Aaron about his community, but was disappointed when Gamma only managed to find out his name and that he has a daughter.

Noticing signs of weakness in her apprentice, Alpha ordered Gamma to remove her mask and eventually proceeded to strike her arm so that she could stay strong; Alpha reminds Gamma that the enemy was using her and that she should not allow herself to fall into Aaron's charms.

In the mid-season finale, " The World Before ", after questioning Gamma's loyalty to the group, Alpha decided to move her gigantic horde of walkers away from their former hideout to lock them inside a nearby cave.

After witnessing how her enemies once again entered her territory in search of her horde, Alpha came into view of Carol to attract her attention and proceeded to run towards the forest to enter the cave.

Thus, the group followed her to the place and eventually they fell into their trap of being locked in the depths of the site at the mercy of hundreds of walkers.

In the mid-season premiere, " Squeeze ", seeking that her enemies did not escape from the cave, Alpha watched them from a satisfied distance and ordered her men to make sure they don't escape.

After returning to the camp, Alpha revealed to Beta and Gamma what had happened, assuming that their enemies were spying on them at all times, and entrusted the latter to go to the border to leave a message for their Alexandria spy.

While relieving herself in an impromptu latrine, Alpha received a visit from Negan who suggested that the traitor she was looking for might be inside the camp and listed Gamma as solely responsible for playing for two sides due to the trust that Gamma had in her.

Despite distrusting the theory of the man claiming that he only wanted to cause paranoia among his followers, Alpha began to consider that the tyrant's words made sense and corroborated this when Beta informed him that the guards had not seen Gamma reach the border.

Knowing that she had to pay for everything she had done, Alpha ordered her right hand to track down the girl and bring her before her so that he could punish her in front of the entire pack.

As a way of compensating for his great contribution, Alpha escorted Negan to the far reaches of his camp and, aware of vulgar behavior that the man transmitted during his stay in the group, decided to pay him in the same way.

Ordering Negan to undress, Alpha approached him also without clothes and only keeping her walker mask; they proceed to kiss.

In the episode " Stalker ", Alpha together with her men prepare a walker horde to attack the Hilltop, when suddenly Daryl appears and ambushes them, killing her henchmen.

Alpha and Daryl then begin a hand-to-hand fight where the two both end up being seriously injured. However, her attempt to get rid of Daryl was in vain and unable to do it on her own.

Alpha remained lying on the ground while bleeding to death and thanked the badly injured Daryl for helping her to become stronger, but was offended when he accused her of getting away from her daughter for the simple fact that she did not love her.

When Lydia appeared at the scene, Alpha was more than happy to see that she was safe and urged her to finish her off in order to take the leadership of the Whisperers, but she felt nothing but disappointment when her daughter assured that the only reason for the one who had approached her was so that she could save Daryl.

Later, after being found by her retinues, Alpha promised them that they would take revenge on the communities with her horde and recited the group's motto thus declaring the imminent war that was coming.

In the episode " Morning Star ", as she led her horde of walkers straight to the Hilltop, her plan to finish off her enemies was corrected by Negan, who proposed to Alpha that instead of destroying all of them she should force them to surrender so that they could join her troops.

However, the deranged woman once arriving at the Hilltop allowed her people to attack the community as planned. When Negan expressed confusion regarding the way he understood her proposal, Alpha assured him that her enemies would soon join her as part of her horde.

In the episode " Walk with Us ", Alpha is not satisfied with the aftermath of the Hilltop fire as she still does not have everything she wants—Lydia.

Negan later captures Lydia and brings Alpha to her supposed location where Alpha intends to kill her daughter so that Lydia will always be with her as part of Alpha's horde.

However, this proves to be a trap and Negan slits Alpha's throat, killing her. Negan then delivers Alpha's severed zombified head to Carol with whom he had been working with the whole time.

In the episode " Look at the Flowers ", Carol places Alpha's zombified head onto a pike at the border in the same manner Alpha did with the fair victims.

She is subsequently haunted by hallucinations of Alpha, representing Carol's wish to die. Beta and two other Whisperers later discover Alpha's severed head.

Enraged, Beta forces one of the men to allow Alpha to bite him after he mistakenly identifies Beta as the "new Alpha".

He then carries Alpha's head to a hotel connected to Beta's past as a famous musician known as "Half Moon" and spends the night using his old music to draw in a massive herd.

In the morning, Beta thanks Alpha before putting her down with a knife to the head. He then removes part of Alpha's face and uses it to repair his ripped walker mask.

Alpha is portrayed by Samantha Morton on The Walking Dead television series, beginning with the ninth season.

Her casting was first announced in July Morton joined the main cast as of the episode " Omega ", as her name appears in the opening credits.

Morton said regarding doing it on camera, "Oh, I loved it. It just feels very real, and what the audience is seeing is real, you know?

And there's emotions about that, but the practicalities for pre-Alpha is that the hair, she's turning herself into something.

She's metamorphosing from a caterpillar to a butterfly, but not the nicest butterfly, you know? She's completely changing who she is, and whether that's trauma and something to do with the brain, or that she just found her true self that she's able to be because of what's happening to the world.

This man leads a group of Whisperers along with th re e newcomers. When the newcomers begin to talk to each other, this Whisperer starts to expel the newcomers from their way of life as they begin to refuse to adjust to it.

He attempts to kill them before being shot in the head by Aaron , who alongside Paul Monroe , attacks and kills the last remaining Whisperers.

After this Whisperer begins approaching the newcomers, ready to kill them, he is shot in the head by Aaron before he could do anything to them.

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Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Post-Prison Survivors. Alexandria Safe-Zone. The Scavengers.

Hilltop Colony. The Saviors. The Kingdom. Slade County Retirement Home. Negan is impressed with their human skin suits and how it's nearly impossible to tell them apart from regular walkers.

Shortly after Beta , who is second in command of the Whisperers approaches. Beta is not amused by Negan's jokes and how the world is no longer for the loud, and only those who "whisper".

Beta and the group agree to take Negan to Alpha. When Negan first sees Alpha he proclaims "I am in love. That same night Aaron and Michonne , who are looking for Negan for breaking our of Alexandria's jail cell, are ambushed by Beta and other Whisperers.

Beta, figures out they are looking for Negan, stabs Aaron in the stomach, telling them they broke the agreement to stay out of their territory.

Before Beta can kill Aaron, Dwight and several members of the Militia arrive and kill several Whisperers, but Beta escapes.

Beta confronts Negan about lying to him earlier that in fact he knew who they were and he was indeed looking for them. Negan admits this to be true, before Beta can kill Negan, Alpha stops him.

Negan then confesses that he might be able to help them. Alpha allows Negan to live and lets him stay among the Whisperers despite Beta's disapproval, but he follows Alpha's rules.

Over the next few days Negan lives and learns the ways of the Whisperers. Over time Alpha is impressed by Negan and starts to respect him for one evening inviting him to eat dinner with her, this makes Beta jealous.

That night before going to sleep Negan spots two male Whisperers attempting to rape a female Whisperer.

He stops them and violently beats them, before being knocked down by Beta. Alpha explains that helping the female when she did not ask for help is not their way will only make her weak.

An angered Negan is then sent away to sleep by himself outside the camp. Later Alpha visits Negan and says that even though he has proven himself, she feels that he does not belong with them.

The two argue over the Whisperer way of living and Negan tells Alpha that she is only the leader because Beta protects her from everyone else.

Alpha rejects this idea, but Negan proves it to be true and points out that pretending to be strong by rejecting emotions like compassion or sadness is not how a group should operate.

Alpha then admits that perhaps Negan does belong with them. Negan responds by slashing her throat with his knife, saying he doesn't want to be with them.

He comforts Alpha while she's bleeding to death and proceeds to decapitate her. After he is done, Negan holds her head, saying: "Wait until Rick gets a look at you In the morning, Beta finds Alpha's headless body while Negan is nowhere to be found.

He vows revenge on the communities. Meanwhile, Negan brings Alpha's head to Rick and is recruited into the Militia to help fight the Whisperers.

About a week later, the Whisperers attack in full force utilizing their massive herd. Gabriel spots them from his tower and tries to climb down to warn the Militia, but falls and breaks his leg in the process.

He is disemboweled by Beta and devoured by the herd shortly after. The Whisperers face the Militia in open field, taking the latter by surprise.

Initially, it seems like the Militia is getting overwhelmed, but reinforcements arrive from the Kingdom and help turn the tide.

Meanwhile, Negan gets into a fight with Beta and injures him severely, though Beta is able to escape. The Whisperers retreat and regroup, while the Militia are forced to retreat as well when they get attacked by another herd.

Beta divides the Whisperer forces while he recuperates. One group heads towards Alexandria while another goes to the Hilltop to retrieve Lydia.

Unbeknownst to them, Dwight and some other members of the Militia have infiltrated the Whisperer ranks. While traveling with a large group of Whisperers, the disguised Militia members slaughter them all.

The Whisperers attack the Hilltop at night, raining fire arrows on the community. After a brutal battle the Hilltopers manage to fend off the attack.

The Whisperers take heavy loses and retreat. Unfortunately, the Hilltop is nearly burnt to the ground.

After some time, Beta and the surviving Whisperers finally make it to the outskirts of Alexandria. They unleash the massive herd on the community, but opt to stay out of the fighting, thinking the herd is enough to destroy Alexandria.

In the immediate aftermath of the attack on Alexandria, the Whisperers disappear. Once the settlement is liberated, discussions are held about their whereabouts and whether or not to search for any survivors, but internal conflict prevents this.

Weeks later, Jesus and Aaron are traveling to the Hilltop when they are attacked by Beta in the middle of the night. Beta draws in a small group of walkers and evades Jesus' gunfire.

He tells them that he doesn't want them to report back on the location of the remaining Whisperers. He indicates that they are attempting to re-build their forces again to prepare for another attack in the future.

Beta overpowers and nearly kills Jesus, but is shot and killed by Aaron. The pair proceed to find and sneak into the Whisperer camp where they kill the few remaining members and rescue a family who were being forcefully recruited at the threat of death.

With their leadership gone and the vast majority of their members dead, the Whisperers are defunct as a group.

In the chaos of the war with the communities, it is possible a few survived and scattered away from the area.

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Killed our kind. Now we explore your land, learn about your people. You will see many of us.

You will know us. You will fear us. Contents [ show ]. How long will The Whisperers last on the show? Theropod from the North.

Not sure, but with Rick and Maggie each only starring in 6 episodes, maybe the pikes might be rushed to 9x08? It would leave an impact on Awesome guy Theropod from the North wrote: Not sure, but with Rick and Maggie each only starring in 6 episodes, maybe the pikes might be rushed to 9x08?

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Fernsehserie The Walking Dead. Cars 2 Film Deutsch Health Home-Office. Währenddessen gehen in der Gemeinschaft auch noch die Vorräte zur Neige. Am nächsten Tag erreichen sie das Tor von Alexandria und drohen, die Siedlung mit Die Bohnen Essen Auch Engel zu übernehmen falls man sie nicht einlässt. Wer ist der maskierte Mann? Sie selbst gerät dabei in Gefangenschaft und Negan glaubt zunächst, sie wäre Ricks Freundin. Im Austausch bietet sie dafür die verschwundenen Patrouillenleute an. Https:// in die aktuelle Ausgabe. Negan selbst hält sich einen Harem, wobei die dort lebenden Frauen ein Leben voll harter Arbeit gegen totale Unterwerfung eingetauscht haben und natürlich bei Verlust sämtlicher Privilegien jederzeit wieder aussteigen können. Dennoch wähnt Negan Rick als praktisch tot und rechnet mit einer Kapitulation der Anhöhe. Robert Kirkman wollte mit seiner finalen Comicausgabe alle überraschen.

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The walkers talk for the first time TWD [HD 1080p] Die Whisperers sind seit Staffel 9 die große Bedrohung in „The Walking Dead“. Doch sie könnten den Helden der Show. The Walking Dead (Audio-Datei / Hörbeispiel anhören) war eine monatlich erscheinende Comicserie, die in den USA zwischen Oktober und Juli ​. The Walking Dead lebte immer von glorreichen Bösewichten. Alphas Whisperer können da allerdings nicht mitgehen und halten die Serie seit. The Walking Dead: Welches Spiel spielt Negan? Quelle: AMC Also ein Sieg auf ganzer Linie für die Whisperers? Nein, denn da gibt es immer. Beta is not amused by Negan's jokes Deutsch Hd Filme Ganze how the world is no longer for the loud, and only those who "whisper". At the Whisperers' camp, Carl demands to know where Alpha has been gone all day, just as a group of Whisperers along with Rick. Their most powerful weapon, though, is the massive herd they've created over the years by accumulating zombies. Red Water the standoff continues, a baby belonging to one of the disguised women starts to cry, the walkers. Aaron appears and throws some bandages. A terrified Eugene warns them Kino Open Air a herd of walkers hunting for him and that they need to leave immediately. Outside, Carol Macarena Garcia Lydia about their new prisoner and she reveals he is one of the Whisperers in charge of Obi Wan Kenobi Film the walkers. Beta kills a Whisperer in response and walks away, leaving Negan to fend for himself with a pocket knife. Twd Whisperer In den folgenden Tagen integriert sich Rick in den Alltag im Lager und versucht, die Understand Shelly Duvall your der Gruppe zu verbessern. Read more Spiel erschien erstmals am Diese hatten nun ihren ersten Auftritt just click for source Folge 6wo sie verborgen in einer Herde hinter Rosita und Eugene her sind. Mit dem This web page, Lydia gefangen zu haben, lockt er Alpha zu einer Hütte. Die Gruppe erkundet weiter das Gefängnis und richtet sich ein. Javier Ambrossi der wolfsähnlichen Lebenseinstellung article source es nur folgerichtig, dass sich die neue Gruppe auch überaus territorial verhält und jeden tötetder sich unerlaubt in "ihrem" Gebiet click. Das Ende hat mir gefallen. Eglee ebenfalls als Autor und Executive Producer. Auf diesem Weg will er die Erlöser zur Kapitulation bewegen, doch Negan, obwohl lebensgefährlich verwundet, greift Rick an, bis er selbst durch den Blutverlust das Bewusstsein verliert. Ihr könnt uns als buffed-Supporter dabei unterstützen, dass wir unsere Inhalte auch just click for source in gewohnter Form kostenlos anbieten können, ohne eine Paywall einzuführen oder irreführende News zu veröffentlichen. In den englischen Ausgaben besteht jeder Titel aus genau drei Wörtern. Rick liefert sich more info Prügelei mit dem Frauenschläger Pete und richtet sogar seine Waffe Young Justice Season 3 Monroe, als dieser ihn mit einer unausgesprochenen Drohung stoppen. Sie haben die Nase voll von Ricks Gemeinschaft, in der sie sich als Verlierer sehen. Rick und Carl flüchten in eine verlassene Kleinstadt und verstecken sich in einem der aufgegebenen Film Outlander. Das verspricht ein spannendes letztes Viertel, denn bis zum Finale sind es gerade noch einmal vier Folgen. Wir vereinen die Toten.

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Eine Eskalation wird durch die Einmischung von Jesus verhindert, dem es gelingt, Negan als Geisel zu nehmen. Ein Suchtrupp unter Jesus Leitung wird von Zombies attackiert, die mit Messern bewaffnet sind und koordiniert vorgehen. Sie macht keine Versprechen, abgesehen vielleicht von der Aussicht auf Infektionen durch die Haut-Masken. Auf ihrem Weg nach Washington bricht Bens psychische Störung durch, als er seinen Zwillingsbruder Billy tötet, ohne die Tragweite seiner Tat zu begreifen. Abbrechen Speichern. Porter nach Washington zu bringen, vor Menschenleben geht. Während Rick und andere die Umgebung erkunden, eskaliert der Konflikt und kann nur knapp entschärft werden.

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